Museum of the Childhood: Memories Taken Over, work in progress, started  in 2006

black and white photographs

Photographs from the series “Memories Taken Over” were someone’s actual memories once – they had owners, names, inscriptions. From different reasons, they were rejected and finished in the garbage bins. One part of the poorest population goes through these garbage bins on the daily bases and then sells its “quarry” on the flea markets. Finally, chosen photographs come to my possession and find its place in the big collection once predestinated for oblivion but finally saved – they become “memories taken over”.

Vladimir Perić (Belgrade, 1962)
Studied Graphics and Photography at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. From 1986 till 1996 presented himself as Talent. From 1996 till 2006 member of the group Talent Factory.

Selected solo exhibitions: The Childhood Museum, Disneyland, The Fine Arts Gallery of the Belgrade Cultural Centre, Belgrade (2007)// Talent Factory/ The End, Remont gallery, Belgrade (2006)//  Made in Yugoslavia, Haos gallery, Belgrade (2005)//  Overhaul, Remont gallery, Belgrade (2004)// Three-dimensional Wallpaper, Pattern no. 7, Dom Omladine gallery, Belgrade (2003)

Selected group exhibitions: 46th October Salon, Belgrade (2005)// On normality. Art in Serbia 1989-2001, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade (2005)// LRD (Laser Random Drawing), go Europe: The Kaleidoscopic Eye, Kunsthalle des ARTmax, Braunschwein (2001)// 41st October Salon, Belgrade (2000)// Freeze Frame, Ostranenie 97, The International Electronic Media Forum, Bauhaus-Keler, Dessau (1997)