Scultpture Gardens, 2002-2003

color photographs

Sculpture Gardens (2002-2003) is a series of color photographs by Vesna Pavlovic presenting the private Vlach gardens of Eastern Serbia. The images of the gardens refer more broadly to the Vlach culture, its history in this region. Over the course of economic migrations, Vlachs have appropriated and absorbed various cultural models from abroad into their own community. Carefully arranged with artifacts collected abroad, those garden retreats have become private collections showing the owners eclectic taste as well as the status in their hometown communities. Jelena Vesic, art historian, and Vesna Madzoski, ethnologist, have both contributed to the project.

Vesna Pavlović (Kladovo, 1970)
MFA degree from Visual Arts, Columbia University, School of Art, New York, USA. BFA in Cinematography, School of Dramatic Arts, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Selected solo exhibitions: Display, Desire, G Fine Art, Washington DC (2007)// Collection/ Kolekcija, Fusebox, Washington DC (2006)// Watching the Sacramento Kings, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento (2005)// Sculpture Gardens, Fusebox, Washington DC (2003)// Watching 01, Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade (2003)

Selected group exhibitions: Dispatch Dynamics, Six New Invasions to the Field, Lawrimore Project, Seattle (2008)// Ost Lockt, Roemer Apotheke Galerie, Zurich (2008)// Decollecting, FRAC Dunquerque, idem + arts, Maubeuge (2008)// Situated Self: Confused, Compassionate, Conflictual, Tennis Palas, Art Museum, Helsinki; Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade (2005)// Rear View Mirror, Kettle’s Yard, University of Cambridge, Cambridge (2004)