Artists: Biljana Djurdjević (Building in Mileševska street no. 57), Vladimir Perić ( „Sveti Sava“ Elementary school, Mekenzijeva street no. 42), Valerio Berruti („Petar Petrović Njegoš“ Elementary school, Resavska street no. 61), Blu (Building in Pop Lukina street no. 6), M-City (Building in Durmitorska street no. 16)

The city’s visual culture has aggressively been occupied by commercial messages, thus an initiative for painting murals should be perceived as a counter action with the goal of defending the city’s visual identity, but also educating and expending the new potential audience for the contemporary art. Some of the most important representatives of the international street-art scene have been invited as guests of this year’s Festival, namely Blu and Mariusz Waras  (M-City). Also, among the invited artists is Valerio Berutti, an Italian artist of the younger generation who exhibited his works in the Italian pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2009. As a counterweight to the guests from abroad, some of the most important Serbian contemporary artists, Biljana Djurdjević and Vladimir Perić, have contributed their interpretation of the image in the public space.

Project supported by: Telenor Fondation; Stari Grad Municipality; Savski Venac Municipality; Vračar Municipality; Duga Company