What do you ask and when nobody asks?
(Bed-made theatre stories), 2015

Archive material, selected and discretely offered to us from the exhibition author Ana Adamović, seemed to be scattered, somehow hidden in several previous škart-works. There is a book of poems What do you ask and when nobody asks?*  about the childhood in Yugoslavia we wrote back in 2000. It was 15 years ago, we were far away from the divided and ruined country, isolated in a decadent baroque style winter castle of the Academy Schloss Solitude situated in the woods on the outskirts of Stuttgart. The only poem from that book for which music was composed** and performed by Horkeškart choir in schools, villages and cities around the (ex-YU) region was the one about days spent in a hospital of a little boy who had just started the school. In addition to those marks of our Yugoslav socialist childhood we turned into poems, we collected childhood marks of our friends from all around the country, who were growing up at the same time. Their stories are presented as miniature stages of potential “bed theaters”, as mini sketches for some future scenes of some future forms.

For a new chance of the new Yugoslavia in the new socialism!

škart group, Belgrade, February 2015

* the first samizdat-samodat edition was published by Remont gallery in 2005
** the poem was composed by Radivoje Rašković – Raša (Group as such)

ŠKART (rejects/ausschus/scarto) group  was founded in 1990 in an abandoned print-studio of the Architecture Faculty in Belgrade. Survives as a collective which, together with various collaborators and through permanent inner conflict is questioning and mixing architecture, graphic design, publishing, music, theatre, alternative education and social activism. For the first ten years the group is developing self-publishing-self-distributing strategy of street actions (Your shit = Your responsibility, Survival Coupons, Nothing for Beginning, …). In the next ten years the group launched a long-term process of initiating and developing new collectives and networks (choirs  HORKEŠKART, PROBA/rehearsal, + children-choirs: DECA SA MESECA/moon-children, ApriZMAJun/aprildragonjun, youth-pensioners choir HOR-RUK, anti-fascistic choir UHO/ear, female and male embroidery groups, poetry festivals POETRYING/Pesničenje, kids poetry+music shows, schools poetry class-attacks-performances, workshops and shows). ŠKART performed, workshopped, exhibited and lectured in Europe, America and Asia. In 2011 ŠKART participated in Venice Bienial of Architecture with SEE-SAW / PLAY-GROW (polygon of dis-balance).