Islam and Djemila Sejdović with their sons Senad and Božidar, and grandsons Kristijan, Denis, and Alen, Podgorica, May 2012

Senad Sejdović was born in Podgorica in 1974, as the youngest son of Islam Sejdović and Džemila Adžović. He is an engineering technician by profession. He and his wife Zana have two sons – Kristijan and Denis. Some of their family live in France and Germany. His brothers Rafid, Zahim, and Božidar have remained in Montenegro. The Sejdović family originated in Tutin near Novi Pazar, wherefrom Senad’s great-great-grandfather Sejda fled to Montenegro to escape from a blood feud. At that time they changed their family name from Osmanović to Sejdović: “At some point in the early 19th century, they came to these parts, travelling in wagons, like all Gypsies back then. They were caravans with two or three families each, going from one village to the next, selling bronze vessels, repairing pots and pans, and offering whatever other things and service they could. The women did fortunetelling, soothed children who were having bad dreams, chased away evil spirits with charcoal and lead, all those things that still exist today. Those things were always passed down from mother to daughter. My sister never really learned that stuff but I have, a little, so I know quite a bit about that sort of palmistry and divination.”

Rajfo Sejdović in his eighth grade, Lovćen, around 1972

Islam and Džemila Sejdović, 1965

“My parents got married when my mother wasn’t even 16, which was normal at the time. Islam did his military service in Bačka Topola in 1965. The photograph was made during one of his leaves of absence.”

Senad Sejdović in his third grade with friends, the mid-1980s

Senad is still in touch with his friends from school, one of whom was his best man.