Square, 2012

HD video, 13’

In the village Ivanjska in northwest part of Bosnia, the artist initiates the building of a sign on a nearby mountaintop Kik where once stood a landmark “Tito” framed by a five-pointed star. The landmark was constructed in 1981 by the local youth organisation and regularly maintained throughout 1980’s. By the beginning of the 1990’s, the landmark lost it’s social and political function, faded away and got overgrown with bushes and forest. In summer 2012, the artist invited the locals to join a community action during which the mountaintop was cleared, stones of the old landmark found and a sign was constructed on the same location. The sign was proposed by the artist as a political sign whose function and social significance is to be determined by those who’ve built it. The video follows the process of building the sign.

Square – portraits for the museum, 2014

(15 color photographs, inkjet print, 80×53 cm; Portraits of the participants of the project „Square“; Photograph: Mario Zeba)

Saša Karalić works predominantly with video and photography and often organizes his work around staged public events and collective actions. His work focuses on the issue of collectiveness and how collectively constructed interpretations and agreements effect social contexts and create public discourses. Besides his art practice, Karalić occasionally organizes and curates group exhibitions.