Kiosk Dialogues is the project conceived as a communication platform that is aiming to establish the dialogue with the large number of young participants while creating participatory art work where they act as co-creators, and not just the passive observers in this process.

Project’s participants were high school students age 17 and 18 coming from several Belgrade schools (ETS “Nikola Tesla”, School for Beauty Care, as well as the Third, Sixth and Twelve Belgrade gymnasium). All of them were asked to answer the same question – What is your strongest childhood memory? Starting from that question, young participants choose themselves how they would be presented, what would they say, while with full conscious that their attitudes and actions would become an integral part of the artwork intended for public presentation.

Participants: Nemanja Blagojević, Dušan Božić, Filip Đurđević, Milica Kovačević, Nikola Matković, Tamara Milošević, Nina Nikolić, Jelena Redžić, Katarina Rosić, Vanja Vasiljković.

The work was realized during the 51st October salon in cooperation with Belgrade Cultural Center and Heartefact Fund.
During the course of the 2010 October salon Kiosk Dialogues were presented on Belgrade TV station Studio B.
Since 2014 Kiosk Dialogues are part of the October Salon Collection.

Concept – Ana Adamović, Milica Pekić
Camera – Vladimir Miladinović
Audio – Ivan Kadelburg
Editing – Vladimir Miladinović, Ana Adamović