Exhibition curated by Ana Adamović and Milica Pekić

Artists: Marina Abramović; Bojana Atlija and Iva Šumulikovski; Mrdjan Bajić; Dina Belančić and Nemanja Višnić; Tanja Bogdanić; Aleksandar Brzaković, Stefan Pilipović and Filip Roca; Miloš Čosović; Jelena Djokić and Tatjana Vukelić; Sandra Djukić and Nevena Vasiljević; Ana Jovanović; Ana Krstić; Iva Kontić; Branko Milanović and Marko Stanković; Mia Nikolić; Irena Paunović; Marko Pejčić; Vladimir Perić; Bojana Rajević; Katarina Rašić; Mića Stajčić; Teodora Stojković and Sofija Stanković; Željko Serdarević and Dragan Mileusnić; Stefan Tasić; Jovana Višnjić; Radoš Vujaklija

Mikser festival, Belgrade, May 25-29, 2011

25th of May – Youth Day, the date that represented the official birthday of president Tito, was celebrated in Yugoslavia from 1957 till 1987. During these years, countless numbers of people throughout Yugoslavia carried a symbolic baton as a present for Tito. After thousands of kilometers the baton was presented to the President at the closing celebration in Belgrade – Slet. This date was still spectacularly celebrated for seven years after president Tito died. The last year of the Slet – 1987, heralded many events that would prove to mark the beginning of the end of Yugoslavia.

As a starting point, curators chose the phenomena of the Youth Day celebrations and its closing ceremony – Slet. The concept the exhibition explores is the nature of collective memory and the perception of historical heritage.

Newly produced artworks, created by young artists for this exhibition, are displayed together with well-known pieces by established artists. All works deal with issues of collective memory and the history of the former country. The exhibition intends to create a dialogue between the younger generations of artists who, in most cases, do not have a memory of life in Yugoslavia, with those who recall it as their homeland.

The exhibition was realized with the help of the Museum of History of Yugoslavia, RTS Archive and Zastava Film

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