Belgrade, July 2 -31, 2009

Curators: Dorijan Kolundžija, Milica Pekić and Ana Adamović
AD and Design: Isidora Nikolić

The Festival’s visual program concept carries on the initiative from BELEF 08 and continues to explore the possibilities of contemporary art production in public spaces. The city remains in focus as a theme, an element on which an art intervention is performed, a field of research and interpretation, while art is offered to the widest public completely circumventing gallery showrooms.

The program is based on two essential segments which, from different aspects, treat the potential of works of art in public areas. On one side, the program deals with the potential of reshaping the city’s identity through contemporary wall paintings and sculptures, and on the other side allow us to investigate the archive of the city’s historic development through authentic video and photo documentation. Conceived like this, the Festival’s program explores the potential of artistic forms which are open and accessible to everyone, art which is owned by all citizens and which, as such, has an active role in shaping the consciousness of a society.

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