Belgrade, July 14 – August 3, 2008

Curators: Dorijan Kolundžija, Milica Pekić and Ana Adamović
AD and Design: Isidora Nikolić

Undisguised preoccupation of BELEF 08 is how to change the visible countenance of the city through artistic intervention and leave the marks in everyday customary paths of passers-by, transforming them into permanent artistic exhibits.

Taking advantage of the visual art’s possibility to turn the act of creation into an event for the audience entailing its participation, festival’s visual art program is using metropolitan public venues as artistic workshops and studios – the places where works of art are being born before the eyes of the members of the public and chance passers-by. Such an approach serves the purpose of deepening the relationship between an artist and an observer, establishing in the process communication with the passers-by, directly involving them in the artistic event.

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