Marnie in the Insert, 2010

Video, 1′ 14“, loop

Marnie in the Insert is a stop-motion animation citing Alfred Hitchcock 1964 movie Marnie. Each chosen segment of this movie was drawn, digitalized and combined into the new moving image.

Nemanja Nikolić (Belgrade, 1987) graduated and finished his PhD studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He has presented his works on numerous solo and group exhibitions in Belgrade, Paris, Madrid, and Vienna among others. He has won several art awards, such as Award for drawing from Vladimir Veličković Fund, special award for mural and wall installation from Raiffeisen Bank and Gallery 12HUB and Award for an exceptional creative innovation from Miloš Bajić Fund. His works featured in many private and public collections including ABN AMRO collection in Amsterdam, The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles, WAP Foundation in Seoul, Ekard Collection in Hague, JMS collection in Paris, Collection of October Salon (Cultural Center of Belgrade), Wiener Städtische collection, Telenor Collection in Belgrade etc. Nemanja Nikolić is initiator of Belgrade based U10 Art Space. Lives and works in Belgrade.