Untitled, 2012


When we found maps from the fifties, which someone forgot and left to collect dust, I decided to use them. Enjoying the yellow paper made me choose a place on the map and turn it into a drawing.

I have never been to the Kastav forest before. Seen from above, it looks so beautiful and big. What would it look like to be right in front of it? To observe the trees before heading to the top?

Nataša Kokić (Belgrade, 1979) graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade where she also gained her MA and PhD. Since 2001 she is exhibiting on numerous group and solo shows in Serbia and abroad. She participated in residential programs on Island, in Netherlands, USA and Norway. Kokić is a recipient of „Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos“ art award for 2014, and “Vladimir Veličković Fund” award for 2013.