Fabulous Fairies, 2008

documentary film
duration: 49′

Meri Galevska, resident of a retirement home in Belgrade, has founded a musical ensemble in honour of her deceased husband, a composer. Her sextet comprises ladies who differ in both characters and musical abilities. The film gives an insight into the lives of the members, the problems that bother persons of their age, as well as a modicum of humour about life.  At the age of 85, Meri has decided to go on tour with her Fabulous Fairies. There are many challenges for them to face, but there is also the iron will of one woman, determined to succeed in spite of everything.

Marko Jeftić was born in 1983; he took a degree in film and television directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in 2007. During his university days he fell in love with and started making documentaries. For the Fabulous Fairies documentary, he won the Grand Prix at the 56th Belgrade Festival of Documentary and Short Films.  As well as documentaries and shorts, he has directed commercials, educational TV programmes and music clips.