Author: Manja Ristić (artist)

Performers: Manja Ristić (violin), Simonida Rajčević (painter), Mathieu Calleja (percussionist)

Costume design: Magdalena Klašnja

Live video editing: Filip Mikić

Live audio mix: Ivan Acović

DP: Milan Tvrdišić

Live performance supervisor: Dorijan Kolundžija

The piece was performed in March 2011 from two locations Belgrade (Serbia) and Paris (France)

Duration of the performance: 17 ‘

Work inspired by transience of performing act

Statement: the body of space placed inside me

Relation between space and performer builds its rudiments in notion of habitation. Erasing physical existence of the performer anticipates the primal nature of live performing; where each movement/act behaves as temporary energy intervention. In the harmony with this foundation gradual disappearing of the performer symbolically represents volatility, where the space it self literally abide existence of physical body but shows dynamics and subsistence of intervention, dissolution and transformative process.

In this work sound tend to picture improvisational perceptive as well as transcendental essence while aiming to behave as constant in simulacrum of transience of life. Music performers meeting in hyper space represent relativity of space as a category and number of dimensions set in virtual time objectified only through intuitive interrelatedness, as we know founded only in energy value of the performed sound.

Manja Ristić

Born in Belgrade in 1979. She graduated from the Belgrade Music Academy as a violinist and then gained her postgraduate diploma at the Royal College of Music in London, working with professor Dona Lee Croft. As a solo and chamber musician Manja has performed in concert venues all throughout the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and all over Serbia. Apart from being a professional violin player she is a multimedia artist, cultural activist, radio host, contemporary music producer and a published poet (“The Book of Silence”, DEVE, Belgrade 2008). In 2004 she was founder of the Association of Multimedia Artists AUROPOLIS ( in Belgrade, which produces a wide range of multimedia projects, performances and workshops. Manja is an author of numerous compositions and audio works implemented in theater, radio and movie productions, interdisciplinary research projects and experimental as well as conceptual performing arts projects. Also, she is an author of 11 9 Web Streaming Poetry, anthology of contemporary poetry in 45 languages as well as an author of web portal. She is a project manager of New Radio Belgrade (, newly established web based radio station dedicated to youth activism and urban culture. She works and lives in Belgrade, Serbia.

Simonida Rajčević

Born in Belgrade in 1974. She graduated from the Faculty of Visual Arts in Belgrade in 1997 and in 1999 she received her Master’s Degree studying under Professor Momčilo Antonović. She obtained a DAAD scholarship to do a first year of post-graduate studies in Germany. Since 2000, she has been working at the Faculty of Visual Arts in Belgrade. Simonida has exhibited her works independently and together with other artists both in Serbia and abroad. She works and lives in Belgrade, Serbia.

Mathieu Calleja

Began playing music at a very early age. Studied piano and solfège at the Conservatory of Toulouse, later at the Music’Hall music school, and he also has a diploma from Dante Agostini drum school. In 2005 he obtained his bachelor as a drummer from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. He has performed/recorded in Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Serbia and Croatia. Mathieu investigates the tonality of rhythms; expand the landscape of sounds using no-input, mixing board and children toys. He is currently playing with: “Magine” with Lynn Cassiers (voice) and Alexandra Grimal (saxophone) playing improvised music and over silent movies “Duo” with Xavier Lopez (électronics, no-input), ‘Cymbows’ with Toma Gouband (percussions, objects), ‘Piano Forte’ instrumental installation with Giovanni di Domenico (piano), Pak Yan Lau (toy piano) and Manja Ristić (violin).

Magdalena Klašnja

Born in Belgrade in 1982. Graduated at the Academy of Applied Arts, Belgrade, at the Costume Design Department. Magdalena works for theatre, film, TV production (movies and series), short movies as a costume and set designer. She was part of many international group fashion shows, exhibitions and workshops showing her drawings, concepts, costume design art, fashion performances as well as installations. She lives and works in New York, USA.