Who’s Afraid of Seniors?, 2005


The video work Who’s afraid of Seniors shows on every channel only oldsters, essentially different from today’s programmes. If the older population is dominant, it’s clear that their interests are going to be more featured, leading to the reduction of the tyranny of the dominant cult of youth.
Pharmaceuticals let us live longer, but of course for only those who can afford them. Some people find them an important part of the day’s diet, which is shown in the form of a birthday cake made only of tablets.
A bag filled with old papers was made by an old lady to protect herself against thieves.
Also here are newspaper ads that reveal the most desirable characteristics of the ideal partner from the old people’s point of view, which is in contrast to the ideals of the youth.
Old age relates to all of us. The demographic pyramid from the early 20th century, where the generation of young was the most common, the middle generation a bit smaller, and there were fewest old people of all has turned into a square, a bit like Malevich’s Black Square. Today all three generations are equally represented, and we are forced into re-evaluating our own perception of old age.