Shadows are(not) Different, 2012

Situation of listening, watching, performing and participation; duration cca. 45’

Concept and realization: Katarina Pejović
Guide:  Ana Marković
Sound director: Branislava Stefanović
Sound designer: Dobrivoje Milijanović
Space design collaborator: Marija Jevtić
Technical support: Miomir Mijić, Dragan Stevanović, Mile Buturović

Dedicated to Milica Krstanović (1961–2012)

This event starts from several starting points that intertwine in (un) expected ways: the history and spirit of the space of the Counter-Hall and the Geozavod, the former building of the First Serbian Cooperative; in the local history forgotten and neglected creator of that building and the whole neighborhood, Luka Ćelović; the song by a Belgrade band Idoli title of which is paraphrased in the title of the work, along with paradigmatic biographical paths of the band members; the state of things here and now, inside and out; questions we can all ask ourselves and others. Shadows are(not) Different is structured in seven segments: In the center of the Hole / Persuasion / Female-Male / Obstacles / Escape / No-I / I-No, through which one can move linearly and nonlinearly.

Katraina Pejović, a playwright, graduated at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade. Beside theater writing, she is involved in pedagogy, intermedia arts, cultural activism and translating. She established collaborations with many institutional and independent organizations, directors, stage designers, intermedia and interdisciplinary artists in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Holland, UK, USA and Austria. Her artistic works have been presented at festivals in more than 20 countries.