Conversations, 2013

audio installation

The time is propitious for us to become what we are not, to change our face and become what we want to be. This fact led the artist to talk with a few women about the idea of femninity, sexuality, acceptance of one’s own body, acceptance of body changes as a result of pregnancy, sickness and age. Different generations, different ideas, different ways of accepting, but an identical fear of the passage of time that is inscribed into the body. In the role of dedicated observer artist is presenting frangments of the dialog.

Born in 1982, Hrvoslava graduated film editing at the Academy of Dramatic arts in Zagreb and holds a MA at the Department for animation and new media at the Academy of fine arts, Zagreb. As a film editor, she contributed to the series of documentary, feature and experimental films. She exhibited at the festival Extravagant Bodies, Improspections, Visura Aperta…She is involved in the field of education through various film workshops etc. She is one of the members of an informal collective Ljubavnice.