Untitled, 1981-2013

series of photographs and posters

Series of autoportrets in the studio were taken by wooden camera while laying on the floor. With the Résumé posters, he wanted to say that he had missed all the important themes in art in this and the last century and at the end, as it seemed to him to be pretentious he added a sentence: “Who cares, old fart.”

Nostalgia, depression, crisis and the old age are the main leitmotifs that inspired the artist to work on series of photographs and posters on display. He created the series Artist in crisis while he’s not in crisis because he tought that during the real crisis the artist can’t do anything. With the same toughts, before he is completely bald and old, he made a poster named Old and Bald Seeking a Gallery.

Goran Trbuljak, cameraman, director, fine artist, university professor. He studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, graduating in 1972 in the printmaking department. After two years of post-graduate work at the ÉcoleNationale des Beaux Arts in Paris, he went on studying in Zagreb and in 1980 graduated from the then Academy for Film, Theatre and TV (today the Academy of Dramatic Arts), in the camera department. Since 1988 he has been employed as a teacher at that same tertiary level institution. As well as dealing professionally with film and with art in the area of the fine arts, photography, video, conceptual art, he also has worked as a graphic editor and photography editor in the journals Film, Polet and Gordogan and has occasionally written and still writes about photography, film and painting in Spot, Film, Danas, Start, Globus and SlobodnaDalmacija. He has been cameraman in numerous feature films, as well as in several short, experimental and TV films and series.