Hisen and Fatmiša Beriša with Hisen’s mother Đulja and grandchildren Afrodita, Jasmin, Eldin, and Adnan, Drenovik, April 2012

The Beriša family are from Kosovo. Čauš Beriša moved from Kosovo to Montenegro in the early 1960s as an employee of  “Čistoća”. After a few years of working there, in 1964 he moved his family to Montenegro, his wife Djulja and their children. For the first several years they had to rent, then they moved into a settlement of custom-built shacks in Meljine. In the 1980s, Čauš was given an apartment in Drenovik, which is today occupied by Hisen Beriša, Čauš’s eldest son, and his family. Hisen and his wife Fatmiša have three sons and a daughter. Their daughter Asijana is married and lives in Austria.

Đulja Beriša with her grandson, Hisen’s son Muhamet, 1981

Čauš Beriša with his friends in the army, 1958

Hisen still cherishes his father’s army ID and says that he was a good soldier, a gunner.

Čauš and Đulja Beriša, around 1960