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Untitled - performans by Jozef Nadj

Choreographic, aesthetic and philosophical research into the space of intimacy takes place in a 4x5 metre cube. The dancers, Josef Nadj and Anne-Sophie Lancelin, deal with exploring their own intimacy – the relationship between intimacy and spectacle, the relation of the audience to intimacy, spaces and sources of it.

In a monochromatic manuscript, illuminated by candlelight, the author conceived a minute net of movements that dramatically emphasizes the relations between the two dancers. In exploring the body in the context of the idea and space, discussing whether the theatre act is spectacle or intimacy.Josef Nadj found inspiration for his work in the famed Dürer trilogy: Melencolia, Saint Jerome, and the Knight, Death and the Devil, as well as Paul Celan’s poems.

The Untitled performance, premerely shown at Prague Quadrennial, is a unique project in Josef Nadj’s opus. This is the first project where Nadj, as an author, had a set topic and a strictly determined performance space.

“Due to spatial constraints, this cube afforded us more possibilities than any plateau. Within the predetermined form the concept and the micro-rhythmic construction of movements were emphasized, the dance became concentrated and intensive.” - Josef Nadj.

Performans by Josef Nadj Untitled was performed 22 times within Intersection, project by Prague Quadrennial 2011 in Prague; 4 times on BITEF festival in Belgrade, Serbia; 2 times of Budapest autumn festival in Budapest, Hungary; 4 times on Festival “Ohrid summer” in Ohrid, Macedonia; and 2 times on “Dezire” festival in Subotica, Serbia.

Concept and direction: Josef Nadj

Producers: Aleksandar Brkić and Milena Stojićević

Production: Kiosk- Platform for contemporary art and Regional creative atelier „Jožef Nađ“