Projects » Conversations about New Artistic Practices of the 70s in Serbia

Conversations about New Artistic Practices of the 70s in Serbia

In a series of video interviews Raša Todosijević, Era Milivojević, Dunja Blažević, Ješa Denegri and Jasna Tijardović reflected on the period of the 70’s in Belgrade. This was the period when a new artistic scene, defined by Ješa Denegri as ‘New Artistic Practices’, was emerging.  The focus of the interviews was work within the Student Cultural Centre of Belgrade when some of the most important art projects in the second half of the 20th century in this region were developed.

The following topics were initiated and discussed: classical education at the Fine Arts Academy; the liberation movement of ’68; youth rebellion and awareness of their role in cultural change; the concept and foundation of the Student Cultural Centre (SKC); the influence of the Student Cultural Centre in Zagreb and its gallery programme; the influences of Italian and USA curators; the profile and structure of the SKC gallery, the first performances and site specific works; art and life; art theory and art practice; plurality of art scenes in the SKC; the art scene in the SKC; the art community outside of the SKC; life on the streets; curatorial work as applied critique; liberation of artwork and its dematerialization; revalorization of historical avant-gardes; continuity and discontinuity; the social character of conceptual art; the relationship between conceptual art and museums; the relationship between conceptual art and the art market; institutional recognition and institutional ignorance; the tacit generation; artists’ struggle with ideology; concepts which come to an end.   

Through conversations with artists and curators who actively contributed to the development of the new artistic climate after the students’ protests of 1968 these interviews aim to enable new insights into artistic developments of this period. This is just the first phase of the project and many more dialogues are planned with artists both from Belgrade and Novi Sad. The Project was created by Milica Pekić and Stevan Vuković in collaboration with Ana Adamović (editor), Srđan Bajski (sound design) and Vladimir Slijepčević (DP).

We hope to be able to translate the interviews into English in the foreseeable future which would make them a valuable source for international researchers. 

Production: Kiosk platform for contemporary art with support of Ministry of culture and information of Republic of Serbia and Student cultural center in Belgrade.