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Teodora Stojković, Sofija Stanković

Teodora i Sofia Outisak 1

Press/ Impression

Video, 3.20 min, loop, 2011

(A press as a surface, visible trace which this era left on the people, and impression, as a stronger, deeper, invisible trace that can not be denied.)

People still hold onto strong emotions from an era in which Tito was not only our president, but our spiritual leader, idol and hope; feelings transcended to these chairs which observed a variety of feelings and thoughts. These chairs have seen all of the films and sing in the name of the people they greeted, and to whom they sent their farewells. They speak the language of Youth Day – the language people used to address their president. By doing this they present an homage to never-forgotten time, time that sounds so nostalgic and impossible to bring back. The chairs remember and dance in the silence, in somebody’s honor and absence. Thus they raise the question: What is history and what is myth?