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Mića Stajčić

Mica Stajcic Druze nas koji si na nebesima 3

Our comrade in heaven

Installation, 2011

While uniting Yugoslavia, Tito abolished existing religions and established himself as a sovereign god. In order for the new religion to survive, rituals, celebrations, symbols, prayers, and vows were practiced regularly. One of them was the celebration of the birthday of god and man, May 25th. This extreme personality cult, that brought prosperity to the people while Tito was alive, I hold directly responsible for the bloody outcome of the 1990s. Tito’s death is the turning point, and his grave used to be a sanctuary to the religion that slowly evaporated and was replaced by the old immortal gods. The fact that there is no five-point star on the grave is especially interesting. It seems to testify to his grandeur, that goes beyond the symbols he used to manipulate the masses.