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Iva Kontić

Iva Kontic video still

Today in history (or May 25th and me)

Two-channel video installation, 38 min, 2011

As a compilation of two simultaneous video installations, this work investigates individual memories of Youth Day, through a series of interviews with former citizens of SFRJ and personal witnesses and participants of this historic moment. The inception for this pseudo-documentary’s search for individual memory is the generation gap that divides me, a creative observer, from the period of Youth Day and its many phenomena. This „compilation“ of memories, shown on the TV screen, is followed by a projection of the stadium of the Partizan sports club in Belgrade, formerly known as the Yugoslav National Army Stadium, where the final and main event of Youth Day took place – Slet, the evening gala ceremony. While it imitates TV shoots of the ceremonies stylistically, the video shows the stadium in its contemporary state without any of the relics of the past, and in its everyday light – far away from the spotlights and ceremonial atmosphere of the former spectacle. The only moment that alludes to the historical background of this place is my presence while I do parts of choreographies from various ceremonies. This performance is an author’s commentary, an artistic investigation that emphasizes the phenomenon of Youth Day. However, at the same time, it presents a partial irony that points to the character of the impossible mission which is the very topic of the work – transferring individual direct experience and the „true“ collective experience which is defined, and thus limited by the dimension of the past and inevitable historicism.