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Dragan Mileusnić, Željko Serdarević

Mileusnic Serdarevic Unseen art

Unseen Art

Video, 8 min, 2011

Twenty years after the fall of the Federation, it seems that all reserves of that specific kind of enthusiasam clear from the cynizam needed to create manifastation such as Slet within the Yugo-sphere are exhosted. For that quality today you have to look for far from here, in the country that perfected the form of totalitarian spectacle. Sun is the member of the Chinees State Acrobatic Troup. He is 20 and very strong. Being a memeber in one European circus, each night he performes acrobatic scene followed by the pop song with the motives of Ravel's Bolero. That same motiv followed a performance in one of the last Yugoslav Youth Day celebrations. In his free time, Sun is working out and learning English. His modesty, discipline and optimism make him representative of extinct species – Comunist Youth.

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