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Ana Krstić

Ana Krstic Tito to smo mi Just do it 2

Just do it / Tito – that's us

Video installation, 2011

„Tito – that's us” was one of the slogans used during the opening ceremony of the factory „Krušik – precizni liv“ in Mionica in 1980. The slogan was made of styrofoam letters colored in red, and placed on the façade of the newly-opened factory. This slogan reminds me of “The Personal is Political” – the famous essay by Carol Hanisch from 1969, and although it does not convey the original interpretation, in wider context and with new understanding, it projects the idea that personality, individuality and ideology have collective consequences. In the context of a small incident which occurred during the Youth Day baton relay procession through the small town of Mionica, the focal point of this installation, we see again that the political is personal. From today’s perspective, this might be illustrated with another famous slogan of our times – “Just do it”. The commercial slogan for sports equipment –“Just do it” is in direct connection with video works that illustrate the single man’s idea that relay is actually a race sport competition, and nothing more.