Kiosk – Platform for contemporary art is non-governmental, non-profit organization working in the fields of arts and culture. Kiosk facilitates and supports cooperation between artists and cultural operators from all fields of contemporary art. It believes innovative artistic activities foster openness and provides better understanding of the social and political difficulties underlying modern society.



Project Yugoslavia involves 100 participants of various ages, histories and backgrounds from the region of the former Yugoslavia. Instead of posing specific questions, every participant was given a card with information about an object from the Museum’s collection containing the object’s description, date or period when it was made, and its origin. Through this method we aimed to translate the Museum’s collection of material traces of the past (collection of artifacts) to the form of living comments, ideas, and thoughts for the future.

Conversations about New Artistic Practices of the 70s in Serbia

In a series of video interviews Raša Todosijević, Era Milivojević, Dunja Blažević, Ješa Denegri and Jasna Tijardović reflected on the period of the 70’s in Belgrade. This was the period when a new artistic scene, defined by Ješa Denegri as ‘New Artistic Practices’, was emerging.  The focus of the interviews was work within the Student Cultural Centre of Belgrade when some of the most important art projects in the second half of the 20th century in this region were developed.

Fiery Greetings

Exhibition and book project by Kiosk - platform for contemporary art in cooperation with the Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade

Museum of Objects

Museum of Objects is an initiative to collect, archive and present personal memories of the Serbian citizens of the 1990s period and to create the public space for a dialogue about the period marked by traumatic changes and events in Serbia.

Family Album

The Family Album project was realised as a participatory artwork, in which our interlocutors got to create representative images of themselves and their families – from selecting the photographs to deciding how the family would be photographed at the end. With this work method, we tried to avoid as much as possible imposing any pre designed image of the Roma community, hoping to make the family members’ stories available to the wide public.


INTERSECTION: Intimacy and Spectacle was a special curatorial project of the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space in 2009-2012.

Closing Celebration - Mikser Festival 2011

As a starting point, curators chose the phenomena of the Youth Day celebrations and it’s closing ceremony – Slet. The concept the exhibition explores is the nature of collective memory and the perception of historical heritage. Newly produced artworks, created by young artists for this exhibition, are displayed together with well-known pieces by established artists.

Art and madness

Project is inspired by the public talk organised within the project Extravagant bodies: Extravagant minds and aims to open the dialogue on the topic of mental health through art production in Serbia.